Objective zero waste: FBKT, an eco-responsible brand!

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Proud to defend artisanal manufacturing, the FBKT team is committed to sustainable development and works daily to minimize the impact of its activity on the planet.

Adopting a real reuse and recycling policy also allows us to optimize our costs, so that we can guarantee you a quality and rigorously selected product at the fairest price.

Our approach to sustainable resource management

Located in Renaison, in the heart of the Roanne coast, the FBKT workshop and offices occupy a renovated BBC building equipped with a system of hot air recycling on the ceiling, pellet stove heating, ecological paints, FSC wood...

We work with digital documents exclusively to limit printing and paper use.

At FBKT, cleaning and maintenance are done with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The infusettes in our bistro range are cotton muslin, made locally in the Loire.

We work with our suppliers to use environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable materials for the packaging and transport of our raw materials.

And to limit waste

Our coffee machine (we also drink it, between two teas) uses bulk coffee beans, without packaging.

We do not use any disposable tableware: you will not find any cups, tumblers, plastic cups... In our offices and during our training sessions.

The tea and plant waste resulting from the manufacture of our blends is reused in compost and we try to recycle all our recyclable waste that is not reused: paper, plastic, metal...

We reuse all our cardboard packaging: it is reused as it is for our shipments or crushed to be transformed into cushion particles.

Our goal for the future: zero waste!

Through reuse and our recovery process, we hope to succeed in the medium term in no longer producing waste, whether it is recyclable or not. Our team continues to be committed every day and to work closely with our suppliers to achieve this goal.

For example, we are planning to set up a system of returnable boxes to be refilled directly with our bulk tea at the Renaison store or to offer recyclable paper packaging for our 1 kg bags.

There are many examples: a matter to follow!

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