Organic teas for FBKT!

It's official! Some of the products in our range of teas and herbal teas have been officially certified organic. All you have to do is follow the small green logo on the leaf to recognize them on our website. Explanations!

Certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01, our organic teas comply with regulation 834/2007 relating to the production and processing of products from organic farming. This ensures that the teas, plants and ingredients used in the preparation of the recipes concerned are therefore grown without pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilisers.

How to recognize our organic teas?

On our website, our Ecocert certified products are recognizable by the affixing of the famous green European logo to the white sheet. They also have a dedicated label.

Any questions about our range of organic teas and infusions? Contact us on + 33 4 77 64 95 93.

FBKT 42155 Pouilly les Nonains - Phone : +33 428 720 090

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